Products and Solutions for Cleaning Your Open Plant Spaces

Products developed for every area and surface

Products that clean where you can’t see

Keeping your machinery clean is an important step in ensuring product safety and reducing the risk of food contamination. Our products feature unique chemistries that clean and lower ATP counts in less time and with less chemical and water usage. Moreover, the viscosity of our product allows it to enter hidden crevices, which reduces the need to dismantle your equipment. We can analyze your sanitation needs and offer solutions to suit every type of food or beverage production, including products that have been validated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agengy (CFIA).

Clean intricate components more easily

Many pieces of production equipment such as grinders, slicers and trolleys, to name a few, have components with narrow, hard-to-reach crevices and dead-end areas where contaminants accumulate, and automated cleaning methods often prove ineffective. From a hygiene standpoint, proper manual cleaning is essential. These components can be cleaned in a clean-out-of-place (COOP) tank using one of Sani Marc’s chlorine alkaline products.

Proper drain care helps keep your products safe

Floor drains are a key source of foodborne pathogens and cross-contamination in food and beverage processing plants. The dirty, standing water that accumulates in a blocked floor drain can cause foul odours and become a breeding ground for biofilm. Biofilms are especially dangerous;  they can become resistant to regular drain cleaning and sanitizing procedures. They can also harbour harmful bacteria, like Listeria and Salmonella which can spread throughout your plant and contaminate your products. Sani Marc offers Canada’s first disinfectant to be certified by Health Canada as effective in destroying biofilm.

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