Cutting edge technology for more efficient food and dairy processing

Sani Marc | ADI works in the field of automation and industrial information technology for the food industry. As experts in the various processes involved in manufacturing and transformation in the food and dairy industry, the ADI team provides cutting edge, effective and user-friendly solutions to increase productivity while respecting industry health regulations.

Supporting the food and beverage industry

ADI Process offers complete solutions, including batching systems and cheesemaking software that allow clients to define products and ingredients, create and modify the production schedule and track it in real time. ADI also offers bakery software that provides enhanced control over ingredients, allowing the client to prepare recipes, establish guidelines and tolerances for the ingredients and prepare the production schedule and flexible clean-in-place (CIP) systems that allow them to create an infinite number of CIP sequences. Moreover, ADI Process systems are always in compliance with the hygiene standards imposed by government agencies (CFIA, FDA).

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ADI Process provides a range of solutions, including process control, automation and data management to ensure operational and cost efficiency for the food and beverage industry.