Leadership Team

Pierre Goudreault
Yvon Jacques
Executive Vice-President and General Manager, North America
Serge Leroux
Vice-President, General Manager Wood Wyant, Alpine and Equipment
Simon Beaudoin
Vice-President, General Manager, Food and Beverage
Patrick Couture
Vice-President Marketing and Brand recognition
Jean-Pierre Fredette
Vice-President Supply Chain, Operations
Mylène Lavigne
Corporate Vice President
Patrick Marchand
Vice President of Innovation and Quality
Mathieu Filteau
Vice-president, purchasing
Sylvain Demers
Vice-President, Finance – CFO
Frédéric Plourde
Vice-President I.T. & Business Strategy

Our Experts

Sales and Client Support

Sani Marc’s team of experienced account managers are committed to providing you with the advice, products and solutions you need to optimise your cleaning processes, regardless of your industry, facility or surfaces, while helping you to remain cost-efficient.

To ensure ongoing customer care, our client support professionals leverage their in-depth industry knowledge, allowing you in turn to meet all your daily hygiene and sanitation challenges.

Onsite Technical Support and Maintenance

When you team up with Sani Marc’s onsite technical support and maintenance team, you’re dealing with hygiene and sanitation experts that know your cleaning equipment inside and out. Our knowledgeable technicians and consultants work with you to assess your needs and provide personalized service before, during and after purchase of your electromechanical equipment that includes preventive maintenance, custom plans and troubleshooting. They also provide access to the largest inventory of replacement parts in the country, ensuring in turn quick service.


Sani Marc’s training team’s mission is to help customers from all walks of life and sectors to use cleaning products and equipment safely and efficiently. It’s a key component of our unique approach to customer service that’s designed to support you in your day-to-day activities and your hygiene and sanitation guidelines and processes. We offer personalized training on a wide range of topics.

Food and Beverage Engineering Department

Sani Marc’ food and beverage engineering department knows what it takes to streamline your processing and cleaning needs and guidelines while cutting down on operational costs. Efficient use of manpower during cleaning and sanitizing operations is our expertise. To stay ahead of the industry’s most challenging standards, our team of experts can assist you in equipment, system and product selection.

Our in-house group of experts, who are all very familiar with the food and beverage industry standards, is part of a key network of reliable partners who are committed to finding solutions that meet your constantly evolving technical requirements.

Food and Beverage Safety

Better known as the food safety department, Sani Marc’s team of food safety experts are dedicated to providing unique solutions, applications, products, equipment and technical support designed to improve food and beverage security for all types of processing facilities and sectors.

Research and Development

Sani Marc’s R&D team works at the forefront of new technologies with recognized partners, universities, research centres and accredited laboratories to exceed your expectations and industry standards when it comes to your hygiene and sanitation guidelines and processes.

Our current innovation endeavours include manufacturing surfactants from industrial waste and using forest biocides in product formulas. Our laboratory team has also worked on solving the problem of biofilms, which led to the introduction of innovative products recognized for their ability to destroy microbes that form biofilms and meet pressing industry needs, including infection and epidemic prevention and food safety.