Leader in recreational water treatment products and solutions

Sani Marc is Canada’s largest manufacturer and distributor of specialized sanitation products for the pool and spa sector. Our expertise has made us the leader in recreational water treatment. We offer a full range of support services to pool and spa retailers and recreational pool & spa owners.

Our clients across Canada can rely on our know-how and expert services, which include products, water testing software and staff training. Our innovative and high-performance products are designed for today’s consumers and are the result of more than 40 years of research and development in recreational water care. Our expertise in hot and cold-water treatment solutions makes us the go-to company for the Canadian industry.

Solutions for every sector

Sani Marc Pools and Spas offers a full range of products including our national brands, Summer Smiles™ and ClearWater, private label products for the retail sector, as well as support and services. Whether you’re a pool and spa retailer, manager of a residential building or owner of a hotel, our dedicated account managers team is here to provide the support you need.

From sanitizers to shock treatments and maintenance products, Sani Marc Pools and Spa products have everything you need to keep things fresh, fun and clean for the patrons, while they splash around in your facility’s pool or relax in the spa.

Summer Smiles, a consumer line of high-performance pool and spa products that are practical and easy to understand

Simplify the treatment of pool and spa water while providing our consumers with impeccable water quality through our advice, technologies and value-added products that are high-performance, reliable, innovative and durable.

With Summer SmilesTM, consumers enjoy crystal-clear, impeccable water, leaving them with more time to enjoy moments with family and friends!

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