Trap dirt and improve comfort and productivity with Sani Marc’s complete range of quality floor mat solutions

No one wants to enter a lobby that looks dirty and smells unpleasant due to puddles of melted snow and accumulated outdoor debris. More importantly, excessive dirt and moisture can cause accidents in the workplace and damage your business floors.

With Sani Marc’s custom solutions for ENTRANCE MATS, including sizing and installation, you can ensure building floor safety, save on maintenance costs (up to 60%), and even improve your indoor air quality.

To help you further reinforce workplace safety, Sani Marc also carries ERGONOMIC MATS (anti-fatigue mats) designed for commercial, industrial and kitchen settings to decrease foot and lower limb disorders for workers who stand in one position for long periods.

Type of Entrance Mats


Scrapes most dirt off the soles of shoes and boots. For use in an entrance or exterior vestibule.


Absorbs water and dust. For indoor spaces.


Traps moderate dirt. For use in an indoor entrance.

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A combination of 3 entrance mats can keep up to 85% of dirt from ending up on your floors.

Type of Ergonomic Mats


Ribbed and textured to ensure traction and safety while providing needed comfort. Ideal for service counters in various industries, including hospitality, retail, and healthcare.


Ideal for concrete and hard surfaces. Ensures slip resistance in wet areas. Open grid allows fall through and drainage. Oil and chemical-resistant.


Easier to clean and maintain. Provides very high slip resistance around food preparation stations.

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Anti-fatigue mats promote subtle foot movement as the feet adapt to the cushioned surface, which helps the lower leg muscles contract and expand to improve circulation.

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