Save on costs without compromising your cleaning operations and reduce food safety risks in your processing plant

60% of your annual costs on chemicals
50% of your water use
40% of your labour costs

Optimize your cleaning processes

An effective cleaning and sanitation solution for food processing plants

Sani Marc’s gel formula, used in degreasing and acidic products, adheres to surfaces, resulting in longer contact times. In addition, less product is needed compared to conventional foam formulas. Since the gel doesn’t create excess foam, it rinses off easily helping you in turn to reduce water and labour costs.


Reduces the amount of cleaning product needed, plus the costs linked to water usage and wastewater treatment.


Extended contact time enhances food safety. Our case studies have shown a decrease in unsatisfactory ATP tests from 36% to 5.2%.

Health and safety

The application hose is easy to carry. This means less physical effort for your workforce. Product application is managed locally, providing the user with more leeway.


Use of less chemicals and less wastewater is generated.

Sani Marc’s gel technology in action

Sani Marc's gel technology is recommended for the following food processing sectors

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