When it comes to your sanitation solutions, are you on the Marc?

Hygiene is much more than simply sanitizing your hands when you walk through the door. It’s having the right PRODUCTS, EQUIPMENT, METHODS and PROTOCOLS to keep your spaces clean and compliant with sanitary requirements. In short, it means creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

We know there’s no room for error. Precision is a must. As experts who implement customized hygiene solutions each and every day, we can SUPPORT your team and meet all your sanitation needs and challenges.

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Sani Marc | Wood Wyant

Rely on Wood Wyant for all your hygiene and sanitation needs. As a manufacturer and distributor of a complete range of commercial cleaning products, accessories and equipment, we can provide you with the right solutions for ensuring optimal sanitation.

Sani Marc Food & Beverage

We are a leading Canadian manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products and we bring forward thinking solutions to find opportunity to optimize food safety.

Alpine Warewash and Laundry

We make the difference for the businesses we serve. At Alpine, we bring more than the products and the equipment, we provide an integrated laundry and dishwashing solution for the restaurants and hospitality, the food and beverage and healthcare sectors.

Pools & Spas

Hands-on experience built on 40 years in recreational water treatment solutions. Sani Marc’s Pool and Spa Division is a recognized leader in cold and hot water treatment products and solutions for the Canadian pool and spa industry.

Sani Marc Equipment

Through our partnerships with the largest commercial equipment manufacturers, Sani Marc offers a wide range of quality floor cleaning equipment including autoscrubbers, mechanical sweepers, carpet cleaners, polishers and vacuum cleaners.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you with the proper use, maintenance and repair of all of your cleaning equipment. At Sani Marc, we know that cleaning equipment represents a significant financial outlay, which is why we developed our equipment maintenance and repair program. We provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing experienced, qualified professionals are performing your equipment maintenance.

Sani Marc | ADI Process

Sani Marc ADI is working in the field of automation and industrial information technology for the food industry. As experts in the various processes involved in manufacturing and transformation in the food and dairy industry, the ADI team provides cutting edge, effective and user-friendly solutions  for increasing productivity while respecting industry health regulations.

16 locations across Canada to tend to your every need