Sani Marc’s Expertise

Maintaining high sanitation standards in fish and seafood processing

Helping you maintain high standards in seafood processing is at the core of what we do. A hygienic working environment in your plant is the key to ensuring the safety and high-quality of your products. We will help you optimize your cleaning and sanitation procedures, achieve cost efficiency and improve your sanitation results, and even find ways to keep your sea food products fresher longer.

Our in-depth expertise, coupled with the latest hygiene and sanitation technologies tailored to the seaf food processing industry can give you the peace of mind you need to focus on what you do best.

50 years+ experience in the field

Since 1969, Sani Marc’s team of hygiene experts have made it their mission to provide clients from all types of sectors and different regions with the best cleaning and sanitation solutions, training, and best practices.

Safe and effective products

At Sani Marc, we make it a point to carry cleaners and disinfectants and other sanitation solutions that are as safe as they are efficient.

Optimized cleaning budget

Rely on the knowhow of our cleaning and hygiene experts to help you maximize your budget for your cleaning products, accessories, and tools.

Hands-on sanitation solutions

From innovative products to state-of-the-art equipment and best practices, our hygiene experts provide a range of solutions to help you meet your sanitation targets.

Your custom sanitation plan

Products that meet the highest sanitation standards and certifications

To maintain the standard of cleanliness required for food and beverage processing, you need cleaning and sanitizing products that meet or exceed current industry facility and food safety protocols as well as your high expectations. With Sani Marc as your partner, you get the products, expertise and support you need to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Custom-Built software to optimize cleaning and sanitation

Sanitation in the food and beverage industry requires specialized software and equipment, which is why Sani Marc offers a complete range of tools to meet those needs. In addition to our wide range of high-quality cleaning equipment, we offer the latest technology such as CEPS 5.0 (Continuous Evaluation Program for Sanitation), a computerized sanitation management tool, and TCMP, a platform that continuously monitors the liquid level in chemical containers and transmits the data in real time. This unique technology to help you optimize chemical consumption, save money and time.

Our Approach

We check your hygiene and sanitation goals one box at a time



We start with an in-depth OPTIsafe® facility evaluation. Our team of experts, including food safety professionals, engineering system specialists and microbiologists, will thoroughly assess your current sanitation operations. We pool our findings and provide you with a customized action plan to optimize food safety.

WE PROVIDE: Knowledge, trends and best practices, experience, analysis and innovative technologies.

YOU GET: OPTisafe® facility evaluation report, action plan and identify potential savings.



We execute your customized OPTIsafe® program to make it real and back it up with unparalleled service and technical support.

WE PROVIDE: Products, equipment, engineering, implementation of technologies (Gel technology and Biofilm), and high performance tools such as CEPS 5.0 (Continuous Evaluation Program for Sanitation), a computerized sanitation management tool, and TCMP (Total Chemical Management Platform), a platform that continuously monitors the liquid level in chemical containers and transmits the data in real time to help optimize chemical consumption and save money.

YOU GET: Identify cost savings, improved sanitation results, increased product shelf life and food safety optimization.



Ongoing support by a multi-disciplinary team who will maximize their experience and technical know-how to deliver operational efficiencies to your facility. We focus on food safety so you can focus on production.

WE PROVIDE: Off-site technical support / R&D, on-site technical support, in-person and online training, preventative maintenance and repair services, market-specific technical representation, in-house local engineering service and support, technical equipment maintenance and service team (service trucks).

YOU GET: Cost savings, OPTIsafe® follow-up reports, continuous improvement, the highest product quality and performance analysis.


Online ordering and tracking

Tracking the items you ordered, the delivery details and planning reorders is made easy thanks to our online ordering technology.

Don’t use online ordering? No problem! We accept orders by telephone and EDI as well.

Helping you keep your food and beverage supply safe by supporting your day-to-day activities.

Our innovations



The fight against invisible biofilm is a challenge that all processors face. Regular use of BioDetect and BioDestroy prevents biofilm from forming and lets you take control and avoid quality issues, customer complaints and costly recalls.



Our innovative gel technology combines the high performance of Sani Marc products with gel formulations to provide solutions that meet both food safety and environmental standards. The gel formula adheres to surfaces, allowing for a longer contact time, requires less product versus a foam product and reduces annual chemical spending by up to 60%. And since the gel formula doesn’t create extra foam, it rinses away easily, which reduces both water and labour costs.



Sani Marc has a line of no-rinse antimicrobial agents that provide trusted and proven efficacy to extend shelf life, are suitable for organic processing, and are environmentally friendly.

In the past we have had some areas of concern as they are hard to reach during regular cleaning. We believe the gel technology from Sani Marc is doing exactly what it’s supposed to and getting into these areas on a daily basis.

Karen Tobin, Hygiene Supervisor
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