TRAP N’ODORTM is the product you need to permanently eliminate the toughest odours at the source. Effective for both air and surfaces. Unlike many other odour control products on the market, TRAP N’ODORTM has no added fragrance and will leave a neutral scent in the room.

TRAP N’ODORTM contains no added fragrance and permanently eliminates pervasive odours in professional environments.


  • Permanently eliminates the toughest odours
  • No added fragrance and neutral scent
  • For both air and surfaces
  • Non-toxic formula, therefore safe to use without PPE
  • Does not stain surfaces

Recommended for

Critical Illness
Senior LIving
Hotels & Restaurants

Application Methods


Hand sprayer for both air and soft surfaces (e.g. mattresses and upholstery in palliative care units)


Pump-up sprayer or electrostatic sprayer for both air and surfaces (e.g. fabrics in hotels, seats in buses and trains, dock and dumpster treatment)

How It Works

  • TRAP N’ODORTM permanently eliminates strong odours by blanketing itself around the odour molecules. As it dries, it encapsulates and absorbs the odour
  • TRAP N’ODORTM provides immediate and long-lasting relief by preventing the malodour from staying in the air
  • TRAP N’ODORTM does not contain any added fragrance. It replaces the malodour with a neutral scent
  • Persistent odours may require a few applications and will ultimately be eliminated

TRAP N’ODORTM is available in 500 ml and 4L formats.

Teaming up with Sani Marc for your odour control solutions means you get:

  • Professional grade odour control products as well as customized expert solutions
  • Field training tools to train your employees
  • Optimized odour control procedures that extend beyond the choice of products

Lasting effects on these types of odours

Wound, Cancer & Other Diseases
Garbage Spills
Restorations From Flood or Fire
Marijuana Or Cigarette Smoke