Sani Marc’s Expertise

We know restaurants need more than just good food

Cleanliness is one of the key deciding factors in choosing a restaurant. No matter how good the food, guests who are uncomfortable in your surroundings are unlikely to return.  To keep your restaurant clean you need expert advice on selecting safe and effective products, reliable cleaning equipment, training in cleaning and sanitation best practices, and a detailed sanitation plan. You need Sani Marc.

Hands-on sanitation solutions
Waste management products
Eco-friendly cleaning products
Training and custom recommandation

Your custom sanitation plan

Products that meet the highest sanitation standards and certifications

Our cleaning and disinfection solutions meet the stringent quality requirements of your restaurant, café, food truck, cafeteria or other food service business.  From kitchens to dining and reception areas, our products and solutions can help you reach your cleaning goals and achieve safe and healthy surroundings.

Efficient cleaning equipment gives you an edge

Choose from a wide range of high-quality cleaning equipment that can handle all of your hygiene and sanitation needs, including auto scrubbers, mechanical sweepers, carpet cleaners, polishers, and vacuum cleaners, and get expert assistance in the proper handling, maintenance and repair of all your cleaning equipment.

Our Approach

We check your hygiene and sanitation goals one box at a time


An appointed local member of our multidisciplinary team starts with a detailed evaluation of your current objectives and challenges to pinpoint the best hygiene and sanitation solutions you require for your Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens rooms  and surfaces.


We then proceed by providing a series of custom solutions and recommendations, including guidance for products, equipment and supplies, that not only meet your cleaning needs but also help to streamline your operations and minimize your costs.

Implement, Train & Support

Ongoing customer support, onsite staff training and quick and reliable delivery of your cleaning products is the winning combination that brings about your custom hygiene and sanitation solutions from Sani Marc.

Online Ordering & Tracking

Tracking the items you ordered, the delivery details and planning reorders is made easy thanks to our online ordering technology.

Don’t use online ordering? No problem! We accept orders by telephone and EDI as well.

Helping you achieve your hygiene and sanitation objectives by supporting your day-to-day activities.

Bright ideas and insights for a cleaner and safer world