Products and Procedures for a Clean and Safe Chemical Room

Products developed for every area and surface

Proper product dosing leads to better cleaning

Quality cleaning and sanitizing depends on accurate product dosage. Sani Marc’s experts custom design and install the most efficient systems for controlled and accurate dosing.  Sani Marc can also provide the support and advice you need to help maximize the life of your systems.

Titration lets you know you got the dose right

After proper dosing comes titration. Sani Marc has a universal titration kit that contains everything you need to validate the concentration of all the products being used in your facility. To get the most from your kit, be sure to protect it from extreme temperatures and monitor the expiration dates on the titration products, as this can also affect the results of your titration tests.

A clean floor helps keep your chemical room safe

To keep the floors in your chemical room clean, dust and clean the spill pans, and  thoroughly scrub and rinse the floor with plain water to remove spills and prevent chemicals from accumulating. Avoid using additional chemicals for this step as they may trigger a dangerous reaction with the residue on the floor. Increasing ventilation during cleaning is also recommended.

Are all your containers properly identified?

For the safety of your employees, and to protect your equipment and meet industry standards, all containers in your plant must be identified clearly and accurately. At Sani Marc we provide our clients with durable, metal detectable labels that provide added food safety. Our labels are easy to attach and read, and suitable for containers and pipes of all chemical products in your plants.  For additional support, our experts also offer WHMIS training.

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