Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Commercial Kitchen, From Top to Bottom

Solutions to keep your kitchen sanitized and spotless

Clean, shiny and ready for use

It’s easy to forget that washing stations and sinks are not self-cleaning fixtures. In actuality, after every shift, they need to be cleaned. Multiple times a day, the sinks, soap dispensers and taps that make up the hand washing stations must be sanitized. This helps to avoid the spread of germs amongst your staff. In addition, drains, waste disposal units, grease traps, dishwashers, and other glassware cleaners need to be cleaned and sanitized frequently.

Keep it shiny and sanitized with the right products

At Sani Marc, we recommend using industry-approved cleaners, available from our selection of products, to wash your kitchen floors. Make sure to mop floors with a floor degreaser designed for cleaning commercial kitchen floors. Also, change the mop head often and wash it after every use. Don’t wait until it looks soiled. The mop pole must also be washed and disinfected after every use.

Clean before every use

When using your commercial kitchen appliances/small kitchen equipment daily, it’s important to also ensure they are regularly cleaned. Yes, it’s a best practice for the health and hygiene of your workers, patrons and food, but even more crucially, proper equipment maintenance ensures the longevity of your appliances. For certain commercial appliances and units, consider the occasional deep cleaning. However, burners and cooktops need to be cleaned through the day and degreased and disinfected at the end of the day.

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