Cleaning Commercial Windows: Tips & Tricks

Solutions tailored for every windowed surface

Project a squeaky-clean image

Your entryway is the first thing your patrons and clients see when they walk into your building. That’s why you should wash your entryway windows inside and out either daily or weekly, depending on soil build-up. For commercial window cleaning tools and supplies, we recommend using professional glass cleaner to eliminate fingerprints and environmental residue. Glass cleaners are available in a variety of formulas including concentrates for economy and those that contain invisible barriers that repel soiling, as well as drying agents to help clean windows fast. Use a professional squeegee to ensure streak-free performance, making sure to wipe the blade with a microfibre cloth after each stroke. When it’s no longer cleaning well, replace the squeegee blade.

Let the light shine in every room

When cleaning the rest of your building’s windows consider the climate you live in and whether the windows are visible to your patrons and customers. You should wash the rest of your commercial windows at least once a year. Windows can be cleaned all year-round. Spring, summer, fall, and don’t forget to let the light shine through during winter months. Monthly window maintenance is important – especially if you operate a retail business.

Dusty blinds no more

Start your window cleaning with a good dusting/cleaning of your windows’ blinds. Commercial blinds can indeed gather a substantial amount of dust throughout the year. We recommend using a vacuum or duster to remove dust. A semi-damp microfibre will remove grime quickly. Clean blinds will highlight your windows, giving a dazzling first impression.

Clean screens please!

Don’t forget to clean your screens at the same time as you clean your commercial windows! It may be as easy as using water and a hose. For more tenacious grime – use a gentle cleaning solution with a soft brush, taking care not to damage the screen. Afterwards, rinse and make sure that your screens are completely dry. Make sure that every screen is completely dry before putting them back in, otherwise you’ll end up with streaks caused by water droplets.