Keep your warehouse or garage clean with these best practices


Solutions to keep your warehouse or garage looking its best

For an efficient cleaning process

When you start cleaning your warehouse/garage, start cleaning all the high surfaces. That includes cleaning/dusting off air ducts, upper windows/frames and the top of the pallets and racks/shelves. This way, debris will fall to the lower levels allowing you to pick it up as you make your way down. It’s a best practice that will help you avoid having to clean the floor twice over. For best results, we recommend using at Sani Marc an extension pole with a duster head and an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner.

Let’s keep it clean and safe

Most injuries that occur in a warehouse or a garage are the results of slips, trips, and falls. That’s why it’s extremely important to keep your floors not only clean, but also free of hazardous debris that could potentially hurt an individual/staff member. Before cleaning your floors, remove anything that may be hiding underneath the racks or other hidden corners of the warehouse. Then, using a large mop, clean up the accumulated debris and dust. For tougher stains, like those left by a forklift or fuel from a car engine, use a degreaser as recommended by the hygiene specialists at Sani Marc. If your warehouse floors usually get cluttered with larger debris (metal shavings, nuts, and bolts), we recommend using a machine/scrubber that can pick up the debris while simultaneously providing a deep sweep/clean.

Your warehouse should look like the pristine inventory you carry

Don’t let your trash cans overflow. Otherwise, debris will start piling up on your floor and may impact the quality of your inventory. Ensure that they are regularly emptied and that you use industrial-strength garbage liner bags.

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