Best Practices for Cleaning Your Parking Lot – Vehicle Storage Space

Solutions to maintain the curb appeal of your parking lot

Keep it swept to avoid deterioration

To remove all the dirt and debris from the surface of your parking lot takes a regular cleaning schedule that involves constant sweeping using the right cleaning tools/products. Regularly power sweeping your access with a mechanical sweeper will help keep your building access safe and your building floors clean. When done year round, good entrance maintenance helps your floors last longer.

Avoid troubles down the road and the moment it spills over

Oil and gas that leaks from car engines and onto your lot’s surface can permanently damage your parking lot’s surface. These types of chemical stains/drips can actually eat at the structure of your parking lot. At Sani Marc, we recommend using an absorbing agent the moment you spot them, and then cleaning with an industrial floor degreaser.

Cleaning your parking lot

We recommend cleaning your lot with a mechanical sweeper to pick up the accumulated debris or, in some cases, a blower to collect leaves and mulch. Afterwards, pressure wash your lot to remove any remaining stains  from salt, dirt buildup, vehicle fluids. For more stubborn stains such as grease, stuck-on grime, use an industrial degreaser.

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