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Don’t let a dirty oven affect your bottom line

Commercial ovens get such heavy use that they tend to accumulate food particles, grease and other residue. This residue can not only affect the oven’s performance, it  can dislodge and make the product look unappetizing, resulting in consumer complaints. Sani Marc offers a high efficiency product that removes residues caused by trans fat free oil and other residues that cause product appearance issues while reducing your overall cleaning time.

A clean smoker is safer and more efficient

Commercial smokers accumulate a lot of residue from animal fat, which results in heavy, burned-on soils as well as highly carbonized soils. Routine cleaning with Sani Marc products will remove burned on residue and help keep your smoker functioning efficiently.

A clean fryer means better tasting products

A fryer that needs cleaning will be coated in denatured oils that cling stubbornly to surfaces. Our high efficiency product removes residues caused by trans fat free oil and other residues that cause ‘off’ flavours, while reducing your water consumption, energy consumption, and overall cleaning time. Consult your Sani Marc representative for more information on the product and process you need to clean your fryers in a fraction of the time used in traditional methods.

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