Cleaning Offices and Conference Rooms the Sani Marc Way

Solutions for keeping your office and conference room ready for business

Get efficient about your cleaning process

We recommend regularly cleaning all surfaces of your office or conference room, working left to right and then top to bottom. Pay special attention to spider webs and dust bunnies that may be clinging to the walls. For more efficient high dusting, use a vacuum that can reach the ceiling. Once you’re done, clean and disinfect all high-touch surfaces, including phone headsets, phone button panel, screens, marker boards and the top of the conference room table, using a certified cleaner-disinfectant from Sani Marc and a microfibre cloth.

No one wants to sit on a dirty office chair

Wherever upholstery and fabric are involved in the office and conference room (including curtains, office chairs, fabric seats and footrests), a specialized vacuum brush is required. This allows you to tackle dirt, dust and allergens and ensure the longevity of your office’s furniture. You may also consider using an odour control product to remove any unwanted odours.

Clean carpets and floors speak volumes about your business

For hard surface flooring, we recommend cleaning using a microfibre flat mop and a commercial grade cleaner. For carpets, use a vacuum that can withstand regular commercial use (especially around high foot traffic areas). For best results, start from an inner corner of the room and work your way out.

Get a clear picture of your business objectives

Keep the mirrors in the conference room looking their best and smudge free by cleaning streaks with a specialized cleaning solution and a microfibre cloth from Sani Marc.

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