Best Practices for Keeping your Locker Rooms Looking Clean and Smelling Fresh

Solutions to clean your locker rooms for your visitors, patrons, and students

Keep it clean, down to the smallest crevices

At Sani Marc, we carry high-grade disinfectants to clean all the surfaces of your locker room, including the floors. For grouted tiles, we recommend using a cleaner/disinfectant that leaves little to no residue. For larger areas in the locker room/changing room, consider using an electrostatic sprayer with a disinfectant.

Keep it fresh in there

That smell coming from the locker room is the result of protein-based soils that accumulate around the drains and other surfaces. When cleaning your locker room space, we recommend using enzyme-based chemicals to break down those proteins so they don’t build up and create persistent odours.  Odour control products can also be used to prevent unpleasant odours from developing.

Everyone’s health matters in high traffic areas

Get tough on pesky pathogens! For fast and effective cleaning of your locker room space, especially where bacteria and germs are concerned, we recommend using a strong disinfectant that is gentle on the surfaces and harmless to your patrons, students and visitors.

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