Hygiene Systems for Entrances in Food and Beverage Processing

A system for every process

Good hygiene starts with the hands

When it comes to hand hygiene, we offer automatic dispensers that can detect hands and dispense atomised soap or disinfectant. We have a selection of hand sanitizers, for both bulk and cartridge systems.  We can also supply educational posters and signage that can help you train  your staff and inform visitors about hand hygiene best practices.

A threshold to effective hygiene

Designed to cover large areas such as entrances and exits, doorway foamers are chemical dispensers that combine sanitizer with water and air, to produce a foam that disperses at a set frequency. When you use Sani Marc’s product in your doorway foamer, you’ll gain some distinct advantages: You’ll only need to use half of the chemical normally required, and the foam dispensed will be thicker, and persistent for up to 20 minutes, providing you with sustained protection due to its longer contact time with boot soles, equipment wheels and more. Our product also leaves a bacteriostatic film on treated surfaces.

A welcome mat that leaves germs behind

This simple, inexpensive option is odorless and flexible as it can be used with liquid or granular sanitizers. Some mats even have flexible grooves on the bottom that rub against the bottom of the boot, loosening debris and allowing it to fall into the mat.

Taking steps towards good hygiene

These standalone stainless steel machines are easy to use and effective at reaching areas on footwear that are more prone to build-up. They are available in automated or manual models, capable of cleaning the soles and sides of footwear, or just the soles. You can use the cleaning solution of your choice, quat foaming sanitizers, or a combination of alcohol-based sanitizer followed by granular.

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