Solutions for Keeping Your Entrance and Reception Areas Clean

Solutions tailored for every surface

Make a great first impression

Keeping your exterior entrance clean and safe will make a great first impression on visitors. During the winter months, use ice melter to keep exterior walkways free of ice and snow. Once the melter has done its job, shovel away any remaining slush and ice.

In the spring, sweep your front entrance daily to prevent small pebbles and sand from accumulating. If you need to clear a large space, using a mechanical sweeper may be preferable.

A quality entrance mat is a must

Investing in quality entrance mats will help keep your building entrance clean and safe. Mats trap the water and dirt that come off the soles of shoes before they reach your indoor floors, helping to extend the life of your flooring. Our Sani Marc consultants can help you select the best entrance mat for your needs.

To ensure the safety of visitors, regularly maintain your entrance mats. Vacuum as needed and when deeper cleaning is required, use a carpet extractor and a specialized cleaner.

Hygiene starts with the hands

Hand hygiene plays a key role in building cleanliness and health for both employees and visitors alike. Clean hands spread fewer germs onto high-touch surfaces like desks and doorknobs, so be sure to provide a hand sanitizer approved by Health Canada and position it in a stationary and accessible location

For surfaces that are safe to touch

Reception area countertops, desktops, and office equipment like telephones, keyboards, are considered high touch surfaces, so you’ll want to clean them at least once a day. If your reception or lobby is a high-traffic area, keep disinfectant wipes on hand for high-touch surfaces, as they are convenient and easy to use at frequent intervals throughout the day, or as needed.

Make entrance floors shine

Clean hallways are safer for visitors and staff, require less frequent replacement, and they prevent excess dirt from tracking into offices and other areas of your building. In addition to routine sweeping and mopping, keep hallway floors dry to prevent slips and falls. Vacuum and clean carpeted floors regularly and invest in quality entrance matting.

Let the light shine in

Bright spaces tend to be more inviting and natural light can have a positive effect on mood and productivity. If your windows have blinds, vacuum them regularly to prevent excess dust from affecting air quality. Allow the maximum natural light to enter your entrance and reception area by keeping windows free of dirt and smudges. Use a microfibre cloth and glass cleaner to keep windows clean and streak-free. Exterior windows also need regular professional cleaning to preserve the glass and avoid frequent replacement.

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