Cleaning and Disinfecting Every Inch of Your Elevator

Solutions tailored for every surface

Clean from top to bottom …and top again

If your elevator has carpeted floors, we recommend using a brush and vacuum to clean them. We also recommend using a powerful cleaner that can prevent elevator passengers from tracking dust, dirt, and grime out of the elevator. As for steel floors or tiled floors, clean and polish them using a neutral cleaner.

Clean at the touch of a button

To clean and disinfect the buttons on your elevator’s control panel, we recommend using an antibacterial cleaning agent but make sure not to spray it directly on the buttons as the solution may seep inside the control panel and damage internal components. Remove trapped dirt, dust, hair, and other bits stuck around the buttons using a microfibre.

Always keep it shiny for the passengers

To keep your elevator’s stainless-steel doors looking sparkling, we recommend using a non-abrasive cleaner to remove dust, stains and debris. You can also use cleaning agents to remove water spots for that clean and polished shine. To clean the interior walls, use a non-corrosive cleaner that doesn’t leave behind strong smells for the sake of your passengers.

Cleaning every nook and cranny on the way up

Spills, dust and debris naturally collect in the landing tracks between your building’s elevator doors. We recommend using a vacuum to remove large particles and dust in the cracks of the door treads and then using a non-abrasive solution to clean the stainless-steel surfaces. Make sure that the elevator is completely stopped and locked to prevent it from moving when cleaning the door tracks.

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