Best Practices for Keeping your Classroom Clean

Solutions for keeping classrooms clean for students and teachers

Let’s reduce the spread of germs any chance we get

Classroom door knobs (main entrance, closet space) and handles (cabinets, drawers, etc.) should be disinfected with a recommended disinfectant at the beginning and the end of each school day or teaching session. This will help reduce the spread of germs and provide a safe and healthy environment.

Your students deserve the cleanest surfaces

Reduce the spread of germs in the classroom by disinfecting your tables and desks every day using a certified disinfectant solution available from the hygiene specialists at Sani Marc. To further reduce the spread of bacteria in the classroom, we also carry disinfectants for plastic surfaces (like desk chairs, keyboards, and toys) and stainless-steel surfaces, including sinks, washing stations and lab/workstations.

Clean floors are part of a healthy school environment

To preserve the finish on VINYL COMPOSITE TILES in HIGH TRAFFIC areas, sweep  your floors every day and mop them at least once a week. Strip and recoat the surface annually and your floor tiles will last for years. Need advice on floor care products or the strip and recoat process? Your Sani Marc representative is at your disposal.

Dealing with trash is an essential daily task

Germs naturally converge in garbage cans. When not in use, it should always be lined and tightly sealed. At least once a day, empty the trash and make sure to wash the interiors regularly to remove any stuck-on grime. To prevent odours, mould, and mildew, wipe the interior of the trash can with a cleaner/disinfectant, then spray the interior with an odour control product.

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