Best Practices for Keeping your Cafeteria Clean and Sanitized

Solutions for maintaining a spotless cafeteria for students and visitors

Let’s avoid the spreading of germs any chance we get

Surfaces that make contact with the food you prepare and serve carry the greatest potential of the spreading of germs and cross-contamination. Ensure that your cleaning staff have all the necessary tools and equipment they need from Sani Marc to keep things fresh and sanitized, including squeegees and microfibre pads. It’s important to note that more traditional cleaning sponges/rags only help to spread germs from surface to surface. Start by spraying environmentally safe cleaner from Sani Marc, then using a microfibre pad wipe down the countertops. Afterwards, use a squeegee to remove soil from the surface, then let dry.

Best practices for cleaning small appliances in the break room

With small appliances like coffee pots and microwaves, germs can spread easily due to the number of employees that touch the handles. Clean and disinfect the handles of all small appliances every day using a quality cleaner from Sani Marc. Vending machines, cabinet handles and water fountain levers should also be  disinfected regularly. And don’t forget to clean the interior of your microwave ovens; we have products that can cut right through the grime. We can also recommend a delimer for your coffee pots.

Clean, shiny and ready for use

To help  avoid the spread of germs among your staff, the sinks, soap dispensers and taps in your hand-washing stations should be sanitized several times a day, and washing stations and sinks need to be cleaned and sanitized after every shift.  In addition, drains, waste disposal units, grease traps, dishwashers, and other glassware cleaners need to be cleaned regularly.

Who wants to eat at a dirty table, anyway?

Chances are, your cafeteria tables are laminated, making them highly resistant to wear and tear and relatively easy to clean. To clean your tabletops, use a mixture of warm water and a cleaner from Sani Marc. For more stubborn stains, use a stronger scraper/brush with a sturdier cleaner. Don’t forget to look under the table to remove all that sticky gum.

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