What you need to consider before buying an autoscrubber

By Sani Marc | 2021-11-01
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We provide you with tips on selecting a machine that suits the user and the environment.

If you’re in the market for new equipment and you need advice, you’ve come to the right place. At Sani Marc, we have more than our fair share of experts! One such expert is David Sheehy. In this interview, David shares with us what to look for when choosing an autoscrubber, the importance of getting expert advice and how to avoid the most common mistakes buyers make when selecting this type of equipment.   


Q: What should buyers focus on when choosing an autoscrubber?

A:  Make sure that you match your autoscrubber to the type of flooring and the type of soil. You also want a machine that’s going to clean your entire space without running out of battery power. You also want to match the brush head to the type of soil. A food & beverage plant may opt for a cylindrical brush similar to what you find in a vacuum cleaner because it provides more agitation, while a retirement home is more likely to use a disk style brush for everyday cleaning. 

Q: Why is the environment where a machine is used important?

A: It’s important because different facilities have different types of dirt to be cleaned. I was at a large transit facility recently where the floors needed to be swept and autoscrubbed. In an industrial setting like that, with high square footage, I would recommend a combination type system that has a sweeper and autoscrubber in one, so they can do both jobs at once and get it done twice as fast. 

Q: Is it important to talk to an expert before buying an autoscrubber? If so, why?

A: Talking to an expert is essential because most of the time, when people are shopping for an autoscrubber, there are details on a spec sheet that they may not notice. For example, if you compare two 20-inch autoscrubbers; they do exactly the same thing, but one may have 20KG of brush pressure whereas the other has 40KG of brush pressure. The one with more brush pressure may cost a little more, but you’ll get better cleaning results. Differences that may seem small can have a huge impact on cleaning results. 

Q: What are the current trends in equipment procurement?

A: Many businesses are experiencing staff shortages so they’re looking for machines that can perform multiple tasks. With fewer employees available, they are also looking for machines that don’t require a lot of training, are easy to use and more ergonomic so they can protect and retain good employees and keep them happy.  

Q: Can you tell us the most common mistake people make when buying equipment?

A: The biggest mistake people make is basing their purchase solely on price, and not on function or its ease of use. Sometimes, when faced with two models of autoscrubbers, a customer will find one more difficult to use. But there’s no need to worry because there are plenty of models available. 

Selecting the right machine for your facility is easy when you consult with a Sani Marc expert for advice!

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