Alpine, experts in warewashing and commercial laundry solutions.

Created in 1989, Alpine manufactures and distributes warewashing and laundry products primarily for the food service, hospitality, and healthcare markets, and offers a complete range of related equipment and maintenance services. The company is headquartered in Etobicoke and serves its Ontario customers through branches in Mississauga, Orillia, Ottawa, and Sudbury.

Alpine, a subsidiary of Sani Marc Group

Sani Marc is a Canadian leader in the manufacturing, distribution, and implementation of hygiene solutions for the commercial, industrial, institutional, the pool and spa, and food processing sectors. The company acquired Alpine in 2020.

Guided by the desire to offer its customers the best products and services to meet their needs, Sani Marc has been constantly progressing since its inception in 1969 by focusing on the development of hygiene solutions that exceed established standards and by making judicious acquisitions, including Alpine.

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