Corporate Accounts: Our Trusted Partners

Healthy relationships are built on mutual trust; that’s why we make countless efforts on a daily basis to collaborate more closely with our customers – with corporate accounts occupying a leading position. In fact, Wood Wyant’s reputation for excellence has been built on two key pillars: our quality products and our close partnerships with customers.

We are proud to partner with many noteworthy companies and take the trust these customers put in us seriously. Every corporate account is managed by one of our national account managers and supported locally by a regional account manager. Together, this duo forms a team that’s fully committed to helping you fulfil your mission. These sales professionals understand the challenges customers face and have in-depth knowledge of the fields they work in. And because we analyze the needs of every customer on both a regional and national level, we can optimize the solutions we propose. We also offer training so that customers can get the most from our products.

Thanks to our coast-to-coast presence, our corporate customers benefit from high-quality, always-available service. Having warehouses in each province also means that we can ship all of our health and hygiene products to you quickly, no matter where you’re located. This proximity translates into added value for corporate customers.

By partnering with Wood Wyant, you also benefit from our strong purchasing and distribution power for our entire range of tradition and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Take a look at our catalogue to see just how extensive our selection is:

Another important benefit for customers is our partnership with Network Distribution, which allows us to offer competitive prices on a wide range of cleaning accessories and equipment.

Our mission: Offering innovative products and flexible, personalized service that work for you.