Sani Marc Group is pleased to announce its acquisition of French company OOZYM, which specializes in marketing automated cleaning appliances and equipment for the foodservice market. The transaction, which was completed on October 31, is in line with the Group’s mission of offering innovative solutions that enable customers to optimize operations.

OOZYM, which is located in Thônes, France, is currently developing a solution for automatically cleaning commercial range hoods. Sani Marc Group plans to lend its expertise and the necessary financing to complete the development of this innovative and environmentally friendly technology, which promises a number of benefits for foodservice establishments. Among other things, it eliminates contamination risks and the need to close facilities for manual cleaning. This, in turn, will significantly reduce labour requirements, the risk of fire and insurance premiums, resulting in profitable gains for establishments. Sani Marc Group plans to develop and deploy the technology globally.

Patrick Zoccolo, OOZYM

Prior to its acquisition by Sani Marc Group, OOZYM was privately owned by Patrick Zoccolo, who has been in the restaurant cleaning business since 1999. He will remain involved in the company and will continue to serve as President with one employee under his responsibility.