Take total control over the consumption of cleaning and sanitation chemical products with this new Platform. The TCMP continuously monitors the level in chemical containers and transmits this data in real time to a computer or tablet.

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This new Platform saves time. No need to physically check the chemical levels, alerts will confirm when it is time to change the container or place an order. Its dynamic monitoring assures food safety and reduces downtime by guaranteeing chemical supply for the cleaning and sanitation process.

“The new chemical management platform meets the need of the more complex chemical monitoring requirements of our customers.”

The TCMP is also extremely useful for creating consumption reports and managing budgets. The information provided from the platform is key to facilitating the auditing process.

In addition, when used properly, the Platform allows to optimize chemical consumption, resulting in potential savings.

The TCMP is in line with Sani Marc’s objective to optimize both customer’s operations and food safety.