Always on the Marc

with Profesionnally Cleaned Spaces

Sanimarc’s Expertise

Hygiene and sanitation products and solutions with your key clients in mind

As the nation’s leading expert in hygiene and sanitation solutions, Sani Marc ensures cleaning service contractors across Canada have access to reliable, hands-on support and a single source for all equipment, chemicals, paper products and accessories. Cleaning service contractors receive fast, reliable delivery on all orders, thanks to our vast network of distribution warehouses in every province. Contractors can also maximize their return on investment through the extensive training offered on all our available products and equipment.  Products are only part of Sani Marc’s offer. The collaborative partnerships we form with our clients enhance the custom solutions we provide to help them meet all their commercial and operational goals.

Our Approach

We check your hygiene goals one box at a time



A member of our multidisciplinary team will conduct a thorough analysis of your professional commercial cleaning service to determine your pain points, goals and challenges.



Next, we follow up with solutions to help you optimize both your operations and your costs, as well as a series of recommendations for products, equipment and supplies that meet your commercial cleaning needs.


Implement, Train & Support

Your custom hygiene and sanitation solutions include ongoing customer support, onsite staff training from our team of qualified professionals, and fast, reliable delivery of your cleaning products.

Your custom sanitation plan

Efficient cleaning equipment gives you an edge

Choose from a wide range of high-quality cleaning equipment that can handle all your hygiene and sanitation needs, including auto scrubbers, mechanical sweepers, carpet cleaners, polishers, and vacuum cleaners, and get expert assistance in the proper handling, maintenance, and repair of all your cleaning equipment.

Solutions for every space

As a professional cleaning service contractor, you know that the cleaning products and methods used must match the different rooms and surfaces.  With Sani Marc on your side, you’ll have the right products, methods and advice to ensure all your spaces can be cleaned easily, safely and thoroughly.

Products that meet the highest sanitation standards and certifications

At Sani Marc you’ll find an array of cleaning and sanitizing products that not only meet today’s industry regulations, but your high expectations. Our range of conventional and ecofriendly options will help you get the job done quickly, efficiently, and, keep your operations running smoothly.

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