Dilution System for Cleaning Products

The Pro+Fil Dilution System for Cleaning Products offers unparallelled dilution accuracy. Built with safety and ease-of-use in mind, it requires no chemical handling—thereby reducing the risk of accidents and increasing workforce efficiency.

For Optimal, Customized Efficiency!


Degreasers   Disinfectants   Floor Cleaners   Washroom Cleaners   All-Purpose Cleaners


Dilution wall units

Distribute 8 products Distribute 4 products Distribute 2 products Distribute 1 product


Dilution wall unit: adapted to all needs
Easy to use: intuitive mechanism for easier training
Easy to maintain
Increases employee productivity


Internal pressure regulator: ensures an accurate dilution
Eliminates product wastage
Reduces the cost of use


Ergonomic: Stays on without having to hold the button
Secures products in a closed environment
Lowers costs and the risk of OHS accidents caused by a wrong dilution or a contact with an ultra-concentrated product

Environmentally preferable

Ultra-concentrated products that reduce packaging
Reduces pollution caused by transportation

Dilution satellite unit

Satellite station


Satellite unit for targeted uses
E.g. Filling of an autoscrubber or a bucket far from the Pro+Fil station


Hooks on to bucket
Dual function button: Stays on without having to hold the Pro+S


05-12425P-03 Vardet 383 =300 x
05-12410P-03 Blue Thunder =120 x


09-12400P-03 Saber =48 x
09-12045P-03 Generation 5 Plus =750 x
09-12200P-03 1492 Germicidal Detergent =240 x
09-12250P-03 Pro Fil #12 Advanced Germicidal Detergent =750 x  
09-12265P-03 Vert-2-Go ED Disinfectant =750 x
09-12330P-03 Vert-2-Go Disinfectant =750 x

Floor Cleaners

05-12210P-03 Vert-2-Go Bio Floor Degreaser =192 x
11-12625P-03 Vert-2-Go Floor Cleaner =375 x
11-12520P-03 Vert-2-Go Autoscrubber + =750 x

Washroom Cleaners

07-12530P-03 Vert-2-Go Washroom Cleaner =75 x
11-12235P-03 Vert-2-Go Bio Washroom Cleaner and Deodorizer =192 x
07-12140P-03 Vert-2-Go Scrub E-Z =9 x

All-Purpose Cleaners

11-12570P-03 Vert-2-Go All-Purpose Cleaner =750 x
11-12630P-03 Vert-2-Go Oxy Neutral Cleaner =1980 x
11-12560P-03 Vert-2-Go Glass Cleaner =138 x