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Clean green with enzymes and bacteria: Vert-2-Go Bio by Wood Wyant

Enzyme and bacteria-based biotechnology

The result of extensive research in biotechnology, our Vert-2-Go Bio product line was developed to meet the strictest environmental standards. These products proudly bear the EcoLogo seal—a certification assigned by a third party that is entirely independent of Wood Wyant.
Biotechnology is an innovative approach to chemistry that relies on bacteria and enzymes to tackle all types of soil. When compared to competing products used for the same purpose, our Vert-2-Go Bio products demonstrate significantly greater efficiency.  These environmentally friendly cleaners destroy soil so that it cannot accumulate, and continue working even hours after you’re gone.
We manufacture and distribute our Vert-2-Go Bio brand for the following product categories: odour control products, floor degreasers, industrial degreasers, bathroom cleaners, fabric and carpet cleaners, and treatments for drain lines.
Visit our Green Blog for more information on the benefits and specific use of our many Vert-2-Go Bio products, along with additional information on green cleaning.

Enzymes break down unwanted organic matter, turning these tiny residues into food for non-pathogenic bacteria (harmless to human health). The bacteria then digest these residues and break them down into basic chemicals.