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Private Label

A full range of products available for your private labe including a environmentally friendly products certified by a third party, EcoLogo

Leverage Wood Wyant’s expertise to create your own line of private-label products. As a leader in sanitation products, we offer recognized expertise in traditional and green chemistry, as well as biotechnology.
Our expert team can help you develop a complete line of hygiene and sanitation products. Thanks to our research in biotechnology, our team has been able to innovate and develop enzyme-based environmentally-friendly products. We can do the same for you.
We also offer regulatory services so that your products will be certified by the appropriate regulatory agencies. As the manufacturer of many recognized and respected brands, we can guarantee professional-quality products.
We produce all formats—from small 500-mL containers to large tanks and everything in between: 1L, 4L, 20L, 250L, 1000L, etc. Our goal is to provide customers working in sectors where hygiene is critical with reliable products that can meet even the strictest sanitation requirements.

"Carve a niche in your market with your own brand of professional-quality products!"