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Wood Wyant, distributor of Windsor products

A complete range of Windsor commercial cleaning equipment.

The Windsor brand is synonymous with excellence, and we are proud to carry their entire range of specialized industrial floor and carpet cleaning equipment and accessories in Canada.
We carry several models of Windsor vacuums, including its Axcess Total Floor Care vertical vacuum and ride-on Radius 360 sweeper. We also have several small and large models of Windsor scrubbers, including its ride-on Chariot iScrub, and its electric upright Saber Blade. We also carry all Windsor accessories (batteries, bags, tools, brushes, etc.).
To meet all your floor cleaning needs, we also offer a wide selection of floor machines and burnishers, back pack vacuums, carpet machines, and several models of high-efficiency multi-surface cleaning machines.
Windsor’s goal is simple: To help you increase the productivity of your cleaning operations while reducing their total cost. Their products can help you optimize all your industrial or commercial cleaning operations.