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Vapore, the Answer to Many Problems

Is there a way to clean those little corners where dirt and pathogens easily find their way, but our microfiber cloth has a hard time reaching? And is there a way to eliminate the bedbugs that nestled in nooks that are impossible to clean? What if the answer is as simple as using a little water and a machine that generates vapour…
The VAPORE machines eliminate at high temperature (120°C to 175°C) pathogens and other problems, thus making it possible to eliminate bedbugs and thoroughly clean. Vapour is concentrated on some square centimeters at a time, which makes it a fairly lengthy but very effective process for treating bedbugs and cleaning elevator or sliding door guide rails. Wood Wyant is a distributor of VAPORE vapour machines.

Since the vapour that is produced only contains 6% of water (which is less than what ambient air contains), it does not create moisture accumulation in the room or on the surfaces.