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Distributor of ProTeam’s vacuum line

Wood Wyant is the proud Canadian distributor of ProTeam vacuums. These commercial vacuums are widely recognized for their lightweight and ergonomic designs... two essential qualities in any back pack vacuum.
ProTeam vacuums are the result of years of research and innovation. Two studies—one by the Department of Orthopaedics at the Ohio State University, the other by the Battelle Memorial Institute—showed that the ergonomic design and ease of use of back pack vacuum cleaners allowed workers to clean surface area twice as large and in half the time compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner. In addition to their proven efficiency, ProTeam vacuums require less effort and therefore reduce worker fatigue.
Our line of ProTeam vacuums includes the ProGuard, QuietPro and RunningVac series. These quality vacuums that can be fitted with high-performance HEPA filters for maximum filtration of unwanted particles. ProTeam vacuums are ideal for any commercial cleaning need or preference.