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Welcome to the Sani Marc eAcademy!

The Sani Marc eAcademy was created to provide our team with an educational platform to become AND to be recognized as true experts in their field. The various degrees granted by the Sani Marc eAcademy demonstrate a professional understanding of both theoretical and practical subjects.

The Sani Marc eAcademy blends both online learning with facilitator led in class sessions. Online learning leverages technology to provide access to learning material anytime, anywhere. The eModules are created so that individuals can learn at their own pace and review the material as often as they feel necessary. Each eModule is followed by an online quiz, ensuring the subject material has been well absorbed by the student. Classroom sessions are designed to be highly interactive and relevant to meet the evolving changes in our industry. Participants will enjoy learning and applying the knowledge that has been acquired in the online eModules.

The Sani Marc eAcademy grants three different levels of degrees:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree
  • A Master’s Degree
  • A PhD Degree (Doctorate)

Online eModules

The platform that Sani Marc has chosen allows for easy tracking of each students training progress.
Each time a participant logs into the Sani Marc eAcademy, the student is able to see which modules and quizzes they have completed, the courses available, and if there are any prerequisites required for a particular course. Marks for quizzes are also posted, with 70% being the minimum grade to receive a passing mark. Students can conveniently track their course history and grades by viewing their own report cards.

The platform will remember what page the student last read in a particular module, allowing the learner to continue where they had left off the last time they accessed a particular course. Students can review a course as many times as they would like before taking the quiz.

Online quizzes are open book quizzes. Answers to questions will be referenced back to the presentation so the student can easily find what material needs to be reviewed.

Learners can post their comments and questions to share with colleagues and instructors.

They can also quickly search through forums with the simple click of a button to find the course topic of their choice.