We take user safety and respect for the environment seriously. 
We are constantly looking for new technologies
that will allow customers to optimize cleaning practices
with a smaller environmental footprint.

To make finding these products easier, all our bio and EcoLogo-certified products
can be found under one name: VERT-2-GO

Our VERT-2-GO products offer the best of:

Our BIO products…
  • Improve user comfort and have no hazard warnings.
  • Can be used without personal protective equipment.
  • Offer dual action cleaning power: they clean surfaces and keep on working  in drains and pipes.
  • Are made of raw materials from renewable resources.
  • Control odours by eliminating the source.
Our ECO products…
  • Reduce toxicity to humans and aquatic life.
  • Reduce negative impacts on indoor air quality.
  • Are mostly odour-free.
  • Meet stringent standards of environmental leadership.