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A professional system for testing and treating your customers’ water

PROF software makes regulating water quality parameters easier, while ensuring safe water for bathers by calculating the exact type and quantity of products to add. It will also help you better manage your customer list and includes practical communication tools.

As its name implies, “PROF2” software is a true teacher when it comes to testing and treating your customers’ water. Sani Marc technicians created PROF2 to help retailers to improve their expertise and the quality of their advice.

PROF2 is easy to use: simply enter the water characteristics to be tested and the software automatically recommends the best approach for obtaining safe and clear water. The added benefit of PROF2 is that it allows you to create an effective business strategy around these recommended products. In addition, the software’s database functionalities allow you to generate customer usage statistics, which can be used to develop more effective direct mailing strategies.

PROF2 is provided to all stores where Sani Marc products are sold. It not only diagnoses water quality problems for pools and spas, it also recommends the appropriate type and quantity of treatment products to use. This ensures water safety for customers and increases the perceived expertise and credibility of specialized pool and spa retailers.

Because safe water is beautiful water