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Marketing support is essential; that’s why we are experts in this area. Our expertise and knowledge of the pool and spa market will help you to reach your goals.

Our sales and marketing team is at your service. We’ll help you create a welcoming and attractive store.

A retailer’s profitability hinges on having effective marketing support. That’s why we support retailers carrying our Sani Marc Pool & Spa products with a full range of marketing services.

We can help you achieve your sales goals and excel at customer service. Our experienced team of experts has been specially trained to provide assistance to pools and spa retailers. We’ll teach you techniques that you can use to move your pool and spa products based on the customer’s needs.

In addition to merchandising, we also provide sales and promotional support. Sani Marc provides retailers with brochures, posters and kiosks to ensure visibility for featured products. Our experts will explain how you can enhance you store with eye-catching displays while ensuring the safety of your employees and customers.

Our marketing support also includes ongoing training and a database management software. We have even developed a smart phone application for water testing!

When it comes to a retailer’s profitability and credibility, marketing support can make all the difference.