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A complete range of chemicals for spa water maintenance. Maintenance kits and systems also available.

Our wide selection of standard and specialized products in various formats will ensure an optimal water balance and will quickly resolve any water maintenance issues.

Spas are designed with the user’s well-being in mind. So is our complete range of spa care products. They let spa owners spend more time relaxing and less time maintaining. Our products will ensure clear, safe and trouble-free water all year long.

We specialize in manufacturing efficient and safe spa care products and solutions designed for maximum comfort in the water. We help spa owners enjoy optimal water quality, by using the right products at the right time.

For water clarity, we offer complete enzyme-based solutions, fast-acting lithium-based clarifiers and efficient shock treatments. We also have eco-friendly spa care products. We manufacture a complete range of products designed to control the water’s pH balance (pH+, pH-) and calcium hardness.

We ensure our products are sold only by a network of qualified retailers. In addition to manufacturing and distributing our own Sani Marc house brand of products, we produce many private label brands for customers.

"By using the right products at the right time, a spa can be used all year long"