Sani Marc is pleased to announce the acquisition of ADI Process, a company from Saint-Anselme, Quebec, working in the field of automation and industrial computing for the Food & Beverage sector.

Identifying ADI Process as the leader in this field, Sani Marc took the opportunity to improve its current offer to its customers. As the demand for process automation and industrial IT services is growing rapidly, the company’s activities are perfectly integrated with the services offered by Sani Marc’s Food & Beverage division.

This technology acquisition is in line with Sani Marc’s objective to increase its offer of value-added services by offering additional support to improve, among other things, industrial cleaning processes in addition to securing customer operations,” said Sani Marc President, Pierre Goudreault.

The transaction will allow ADI Process to access Sani Marc resources made available for them and accelerate its growth,” said Yvon Vallières and Charles Côté, co-owners of ADI Process.

Sani Marc intends to prusue its growth in order to continuously optimize its customer operations and offer a global service at the cutting edge of technology.