In May, Health Canada informed the public of the risks associated with the use of certain no-rinse products containing methylisothiazolinone, often used in combination with methylchloroisothiazolinone (MI/MCI).

When it comes to our products, user safety is a priority. We are therefore pleased to announce that after months of research, Sani Marc Group is eliminating this ingredient from the following products: ACTIV, SANI-LOTION, ESSENTIAL SOFT’N TUFF, GRIMEX, MATINÉE, MICROSCRUB, VERT-2-GO HAND SOAP, VERT-2-GO FOAM HAND SOAP, DEXTERRA VERT-2-GO FOAM HAND SOAP and DEXTERRA ANTIMICROBIAL FOAM HAND SOAP.

We believe our products containing MI/MCI are safe for the majority of our users, as they are always used with rinsing and contain concentrations well below the maximum levels permitted by Health Canada. However, we agree with Health Canada and are proud to announce that we will now offer this alternative, which will be gradually made available.

According to Health Canada, repeated exposure to these substances, without subsequent rinsing, may cause in some people symptoms such as a red rash or bumps, itching, swelling, blisters, dry, cracked or scaly skin, sensitivity or a burning sensation.