First and only product approved by Health Canada against biofilms

We are proud to finally launch BIOASSURE nationwide, the first and only product currently available on the market approved by Health Canada for its ability to destroy biofilms and the bacteria contained within them. This dual action makes this technology totally unique from competing non-approved products.

BioAssure also meets a critical need in healthcare facilities: It reduces the risk of spreading superbugs embedded in the biofilms typically found in drains.

Superbugs infect more than 20,000 hospital patients across the country each year. Biofilms are a serious threat in healthcare facilities and can lead to patients contracting numerous diseases. BioAssure improves the safety of rooms, but above all, protects the health of patients.

BioAssure’s foam formula prolongs contact time on surfaces and in drains, enabling it to quickly destroy biofilms and disinfect surfaces. It is designed to be used as an integral part of any cleaning and sanitation program essential to achieving a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in healthcare facilities.

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