This past November 22nd, the ADRIQ, Quebec’s association for the development of research and innovation, presented its 2018 Innovation Awards as part of its 28th Annual Innovation Awards Gala at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal. Sani Marc, in association with different partners, won the Technology Partnership – Public Choice Award, a 4th recognition in innovation in so many years.

The production of black spruce-based disinfectants is the innovative project Sani Marc presented during the gala, in partnership with Innofibre, UQTR, Forêt modèle du Lac St-Jean, Coopérative pour la valorisation de la biomasse (CVB) and Greenleaf. The initiative was born from Innofibre and UQTR’s desire to support Quebec’s emerging forest extractables sector by bringing together all players in the entire value chain; namely, the biomass suppliers and the product’s end user.

The project consists of using by-products from the Lac-Saint-Jean forest industry to produce new biosourced disinfectants for Sani Marc. Because of the cooperation between the different contributing organisations, a value chain has been built using black spruce bark around the Saint-Félicien cogeneration power plant. Before burning it, extracts from the bark with antimicrobial properties are taken out. These extracts will then be used to replace synthetic compounds in disinfectant formulations to further our efforts to go green.

In just two years, the group of scientists have been able to develop an extract meeting Health Canada’s microbiological standards. Commercial production is therefore entirely possible. In the meantime, this project has had a major impact on the community: It has mobilized Lac-Saint-Jean to form a solid partnership between the forestry and chemical industries – the key to a successful and prosperous bio-economy in Quebec.

Sani Marc intends to keep partnering with universities to discover new technologies that will allow us to stand out in our diverse markets.