The first and only product approved by Health Canada for its ability to kill and destroy biofilms, BioDestroy is breaking into the agri-food market by meeting a critical need: ensuring food safety.

BioDestroy was launched in February 2016 and underwent extensive third-party testing to prove the effectiveness of its dual action: killing the bacteria inside a biofilm and disintegrating the biofilm structure itself. This dual action sets this technology far apart from competing non-approved products.

BioDestroy can be used alongside BioDetect, an innovative biofilm-detecting spray that was previously launched in the agri-food industry. Their combined action prevents surfaces from becoming contaminated by biofilms. By adding this solution to their sanitation processes, agri-food businesses can gain the upper hand on biofilms and avoid the unwanted costs and inconveniences of shock treatments. The regular use of BioDetect and BioDestroy promotes a preventive rather than a curative approach to biofilms.

“Biofilms are a serious hazard in agri-food establishments, resulting in numerous product recalls each year. BioDetect and BioDestroy are a powerful duo that detects and destroys biofilms, thereby improving not only the safety of facilities but that of their finished products as well,” said Patrick Marchand, PhD, Chemist and Director of Innovation and Development at Sani Marc.

BioDestroy’s foam formula prolongs contact time on surfaces and in drains, enabling it to quickly disinfect surfaces and destroy the biofilms they contain. It is designed to be used as an integral part of any cleaning and sanitation program, essential to achieving food safety in agri-food facilities.

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