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ASSURE is going to change your world

ASSURE is an innovative quality assurance audit tool that’s revolutionizing the current market with its reliability, simplicity and low cost of use. This patent-pending technology addresses once and for all the main concerns of stakeholders working in the field of hygiene and sanitation.

We all know that the tools currently used on the market cannot perfectly measure the quality of maintenance work. What’s more, they are expensive, they damage surfaces and they generate false results. With ASSURE, you can now count on 100% reliable results and keep your surfaces safe—for a much lower cost.

ASSURE: 2 Simple Steps

Step 1 : Apply ASSURE TRACER on surfaces to be checked.

ASSURE TRACER dries in just minutes, leaving no traces or residue. In fact, it becomes completely invisible. The maintenance team then proceeds with is its usual maintenance routine. No need to change products; simply use the products you normally use. ASSURE is compatible with all cleaners and disinfectants.

Step 2 : Apply ASSURE DETECTOR on surfaces identified with ASSURE TRACER

If a white foam appears, it means the surface has not been sufficiently cleaned. If there is no visible reaction, the surface was properly cleaned.

Code: 20-12255-10

Code: 20-12250-10

Multiple Uses

ASSURE meets the needs of numerous markets, whether it’s improving cleaning standards or quality assurance.

ASSURE allows cleaning service contractors to stand out from the competition: Having an operations validation system in place that allows you to verify your work means added value for your customers!

ASSURE can also be used by companies looking to implement a continuous improvement strategy for their cleaning processes.

When it comes to training staff and evaluating the quality of maintenance work in hospitals, ASSURE validates established processes and ensures that employees are meeting hygiene and disinfection standards.


ASSURE Report is complementary to ASSURE technology . It allows you to compile the results obtained during audits and to customize your audit processes. ASSURE Report is easy to use and free of charge (basic version) with the purchase of the product.

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