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Paper Product Dispenser Systems

We carry a wide selection of environmentally-friendly paper and dispensers

Sani Marc’s Food & Beverage Division constantly innovates to provide the most efficient maintenance and cleaning accessories on the market. Every aspect of a company can be improved to optimize operations; our line of paper products and dispensers are one more step toward reaching this performance objective.

Hand paper towel dispensers are an essential part of the HACCP food safety program. To prevent the risk of cross-contamination, we also offer No-Touch dispensing systems.

In addition to our wide selection of paper towels, tissue paper, toilet paper made from recycled fibre and high-end wipes, we also offer our own line of EcologoTM certified products under the EnvirologicTM brand.

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"The manufacturing process of our Envirologic paper products has saved 681,537 m³ of water—the equivalent of 273 Olympic swimming pools"