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Specialized Cleaning Equipment and Systems

Tailor-made solutions that meet specific needs: helping you reach your cost reduction goals associated with cleaning operations is where Sani Marc stands apart from the rest.

 For the dilution, transfer and application of chemicals, Sani Marc offers a complete range of customized stationary and movable devices and equipment for the food & beverage sector.
These devices include volumetric and venturi diluting stations, metering pumps, foaming stations, a complete line of hoses and tubes, gun and spray lances, filling pumps, pressure pumps, doorway disinfecting stations, dispensers, spray carboys, complete mobile units, specialized systems, etc.
We also offer customized cleaning equipment and systems for fluid technologies, along with several types of pumps and accessories. We work in close cooperation with our partners to offer customers technology that is best adapted to your specific needs.
The multidisciplinary team in our Engineering Department evaluates the needs of each client, and provides personalized service every step of the way. We also service all the equipment we carry.

"Thanks to our practical approach and on-the-floor experience, Sani Marc enjoys an unbeatable reputation when it comes to developing cleaning solutions that can meet the challenges of the food & beverage sector"