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At the heart of Victoriaville cultural development


carre150-(1).JPGSani Marc, presenter of the visual arts programming at the Jacques and Michel Auger arts centre, heartily congratulates this important initiative—a bold masterpiece that will enrich CarrĂ© 150 and put our region in the spotlight.

Sani Marc is proud to present the magnificent cultural resources that are our artists. In addition to infusing our community with vitality and improving the educational and artistic activities it offers, this initiative will mean valuable exposure to a wide range of talents. We proudly support the innovative artists who will be showcased at the arts centre, whose wonderful atmosphere makes art accessible to both connoisseurs and the general public alike.

We place great value on the cultural development of our region, and look forward to contributing in a meaningful way. It is with great pleasure that we embark on this adventure that will positively impact our community and the art world at large. We invite the business community to support this unique cultural initiative, which offers such an active and entertaining programming.

Here’s to a long and creativity-filled life, which is of immense value to us all. We hope that everyone will find inspiration, pleasure, new discoveries and a sense of pride in this centre. Thank you for choosing Sani Marc as your presenter.