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The Loop - Congratulations to the Sani Marc Team!


On Saturday, June 13, eight Sani Marc employees, surrounded by friends and loved ones, cycled 1,000 km and in doing so became ambassadors of healthy lifestyles. Cyclists Patrick Couture, Alexandre Caron, Benoit Gagnon, Serge Falcon, Dominic Santerre, Mathieu Filteau, Patrice Perreault and François Hamel arrived in Montmagny early that morning. At 10 a.m., some 5,000 cyclists in the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie joined the 1,000 cyclists that were participating in the 135-kilometre The Loop course.

From Montmagny, the 6,000 cyclists skirted the St. Lawrence River toward Saint-Jean Port-Joli. They then branched off inland, travelling through the towns of Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Saint-Raphaël and La Durantaye before returning to Montmagny. The lively reception they received from these villages made the course all the more memorable. Here are a few photos and comments from our participants:

“An amazing day with 6,000 fit, happy and energetic people, in addition to the thousands of individuals who cheered us along the way. The Sani Marc team finished in the pack and with huge smiles. I'll definitely do it again!” François Hamel   IT Support, Victoriaville.

“A great day, a great group and a great event! I enjoyed it from start to finish. Thanks Sani Marc for allowing us to have such an incredible experience!” Alexandre Caron   Marketing Projects Manager, Victoriaville.

“An amazing day!” Dominic Santerre – Food & Beverage Technical Representative, Brossard.

“I thought it was a great day; everyone managed to rise to the occasion in their own way. Bravo to everyone and I look forward to next year.” Mathieu Filteau   Purchasing Director, Victoriaville.

“What a great opportunity to promote healthy lifestyles. The Pierre Lavoie movement motivates people to get moving in a truly unique way. Throughout the course, I saw extraordinary team work to respect everyone's speed level. People helped each other to make the route easier. There was a lot of encouragement, courage and determination. The Sani Marc group did a great job, and I got to share a magical experience with my daughter, who I encouraged to keep going to reach the finish line. She set a fine example of courage and succeeded. She also saw that anyone can go beyond their comfort zone. Kudos to everyone and thank you, life. We'll be there next year and we want an even bigger team! We will also try for a third year to do the 1,000 km in the “Coup de Coeur” category.” Patrick Couture   VP Business Development, Victoriaville.

“What’s more to say after all these great comments? One thing is certain, the weather was great (unlike last year)! A hearty HOORAY to all the members of the wonderful SM team and to everyone who supported us from the shadows (Maryse and everyone else I may not know...). More often than not I train alone on my bike, so being able to share this experience with 5,000 or 6,000 other cycling enthusiasts is incredible! Long live the Loop and the Sani Marc team; we'll have our team one of these days!

P.S.   Bravo to Serge who didn't complain too much during the day... 

P.S.S. – My coup de coeur goes to Annabelle Couture who completed the challenge in spite of adversity and who made a liar out of me. You rock!” Benoit Gagnon - Food & Beverage Technical Manager, Brossard.

“It was really a great team day. Congratulations Annabelle for persevering. Thanks team for a great ride.” Serge Falcon – Food & Beverage Engineering Specialist, Brossard.

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